We provide a complete range of high quality, professional UPVC & Kitchen spraying services throughout Cheshire and the surrounding areas

UPVC Spraying and Painting in Cheshire

PNM Coatings is a family run business offering cost-effective paint spraying services for both commercial and domestic customers across the North West. Specialising in uPVC and kitchen spraying with over 5 years’ experience. You can rely on us as a trusted company as most of our jobs come with a 10 year guarantee against cracking, peeling and flaking!

As our highly skilled spray technicians only use the best quality paint available in over 4,500 colours in a matte, satin and semi-gloss finish. We also offer a 99.9% colour match so there’s a colour for everything! You can save up to 75% on replacing windows, doors and kitchens as paint spraying is becoming ever more popular by achieving a professional factory finish, without the expense or destruction of replacing.

What we Spray

Here at PNM Coatings we can paint nearly anything! from Bi-fold doors, Composite doors, Front doors, Door frames, Garage doors, Internal doors, uPVC doors, uPVC window frames, Conservatories, Fascia’s, Soffits, Gutters, Down pipes, Electric box, Kitchens, Wardrobes, Furniture, Interior walls, Fences, Summer houses and sheds, Static Caravans, Exterior walls, brick, render, K-rend, Commercial jobs, Factory’s, Shop fronts, Shutters, Bars, Restaurant’s, Cafes, Hotels, Contract work and much more.


Preparation is key to a long-lasting professional finish. Firstly our team will thoroughly clean all surfaces with our specialist cleaning solutions followed with a light scotch over to give the paint better adhesion this allows our paint to tightly bond to the surface.

Next we will completely mask up all surrounding areas in a protective sheeting made from 100% recyclable materials, to protect from over spray. Now once the surfaces are completely cleaned and prepped its time to let the magic happen! Using top of the range spraying equipment along with the best quality paint proven to last!

Finally its time to reveal the transformation, we will walk around the job with you ensuing your 100% satisfied with our work. At the end when we’ve completely finished we will clean up and remove all rubbish.

UPVC Spraying and Painting in Frodsham


Did you know you can save up to 75% instead of replacing windows and doors! If they're structurally sound don't replace when we can renovate!

4,776 colours , 99.9% colour match available, Matte, Satin or Semi-gloss Finish

RAL- 1,600 / BS-237+ / Farrow & Ball 132+ / Pantone 1867+

Sheen levels may effect the colour appearance.

We recommend using a satin finish when painting your kitchen.

Unfortunately we can’t paint in the rain, under 7 degrees or above 26 degrees.

Our paint is specially designed meaning most of the time we don’t need to use primer as solvents in our paint act as a primer. The paint molecules in our paint tightly bond to surfaces, ensuring a top quality finish proven to with-stand busy day to day life!

Clean with a micro fibre cloth and warm washing up liquid and give a light wipe over when required. *this is just a personal recommendation*

Paint we use

  • Ral-1,600+ colours
  • British standard-237+ colours
  • Farrow & ball-132+ colours
  • Pamtone-1867+ colours
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